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This is How You Rank #1 on Google in Just 24 Hours with ChatGPT

Rank #1 on Google in Just 24 Hours with ChatGPT

Watch my attempt to use fundamental SEO strategies to rank a blog post #1 on Google in less than a day.


I investigate choices and determines to optimize for a highlighted snippet after determining that a content issue is the cause of the low ranking. Following some initial difficulties, I uses ChatGPT to enhance the material, asks Google to index it, and eventually ranks #1 on mobile devices but unable to obtain the necessary featured snippet on desktop. But I end up with the featured snippet being successfully achieved later on thanks to location-specific search results.

Key Moments:

  • SEO Challenge Kickoff
    • Aim to rank #1 on Google in 24 hours using basic SEO tactics.
    • Identifie content and backlinks as potential ranking factors.
  • Content vs. Backlinks Dilemma
    • Discover content issue, not backlinks, as the reason for low ranking.
    • Consider options A (content rewrite) and B (heading optimization).
  • Hail Mary with ChatGPT
    • Utilize ChatGPT to quickly rephrase and optimize content.
    • Submit content update and requests Google indexing.
  • Unexpected Obstacles
    • Realize mobile rankings differ from desktop rankings.
    • Face time crunch and plans a full content refresh.
  • Decoding Competitor Strategies
    • Analyze top-ranking pages for “blogging tips.”
    • Explore SERP features and competitor content commonalities.
  • ChatGPT to the Rescue Again
    • Use ChatGPT to identify missing content elements.
    • Speed write a comprehensive article based on insights.
  • Publishing and Google Assist
    • Publishe the refreshed content with hopes for a better ranking.
    • Request Google indexing for the second time.
  • Mixed Results and Geo-Specific Snippet
    • Secure mobile position #1 but misses the desktop featured snippet.
    • Explore geo-specific ranking and eventually claims the featured snippet across the US.


  • 🚀 Ranking Challenge: Move a blog post from the bottom of page 1 to #1 on Google within 24 hours.
  • 🔍 Root Cause Analysis: Identify content issue as the reason for low ranking.
  • 📊 Competitor Analysis: Examine top-ranking pages and explores options for improvement.
  • 📝 SEO Tactics: Choose between content rewriting and adjusting headings for a faster approach.
  • 🧠 ChatGPT Assistance: Use ChatGPT to quickly rephrase and improve content based on identified SEO needs.
  • 🔄 Content Refresh: Speed-write an improved article, focusing on relevant keywords and topics.
  • 🌐 Google Indexing: Request Google indexing for the updated content.
  • 📈 Mobile Success: Achieve #1 ranking on mobile but faces challenges in securing the desired desktop featured snippet.
  • 🌍 Location-Dependent Results: Discover location-dependent search results and successfully secures the featured snippet in various U.S. locations.
  • 🏆 Success: Ultimately achieve the featured snippet in all 50 U.S. states, emphasizing the effectiveness of basic SEO techniques.

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