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OpenAI’s New “GPT Mention” Feature: A Team of AI Experts at Your Fingertips

what is open ai chatgpt new feature called gpt mentions

ChatGPT’s new “GPT Mentions” feature is a game-changer, allowing you to seamlessly integrate multiple AI assistants into your conversation. Imagine having a team of experts on call, ready to tackle any challenge, all within the flow of your chat. Here’s the lowdown:

What is ChatGPT “GPT Mention”?

Mentions lets you summon different GPTs, each trained for specific tasks, by simply typing “@”. It’s like having a Slack-style mention system for AI specialists, bringing their expertise directly into your conversation.

How to use the “GPT Mention” feature

  1. Start a chat in ChatGPT.
  2. Type “@”.
  3. A list of available GPTs will appear. Choose the one you need, like “Finance Expert” or “Creative Writer.”
  4. Ask your question or give your instructions directly to the summoned GPT.
  5. The selected GPT will respond and contribute to the conversation, collaborating with you and the original ChatGPT.

Who can use the Open AI’s new “GPT Mention” option?

Currently, Mentions is in beta and rolling out gradually. It’s available to a select group of premium ChatGPT users, but OpenAI is expected to expand access soon.

“GPT Mentions” Benefits

  • Frictionless Expertise: No more switching between different GPTs in the GPT Store. Get the right AI for the job instantly, right within your chat.
  • Multiple GPTs in one chat: Imagine brainstorming with a data analyst, translating with a language expert, and crafting a poem with a creative writer – all in one conversation!
  • Enhanced Productivity: Streamline your workflow by having multiple AI assistants working on different tasks simultaneously.
  • A Glimpse of the Future: Mentions is a stepping stone towards a future where we collaborate seamlessly with teams of AI experts, personalized to our specific needs.

Limitations of “GPT Mentions”

  • Mentions is still in beta, so there might be bugs and limitations.
  • Access is currently restricted to a limited group of users.

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT’s Mentions feature is a powerful step forward in human-AI collaboration. It opens up a world of possibilities for efficient and creative interactions with AI, bringing us closer to a future where AI works alongside us as a team of intelligent assistants.

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