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Download Thumbnail From YouTube: HD, AI Upscaled & Free

Looking for HD or 4K YouTube video thumbnail download? Your search ends here. Not only can you download thumbnail from YouTube, but with our image upscaling software, you can also increase the YouTube video thumbnail’s quality by 2x and that is absolutely free too.

How to Download Thumbnail from YouTube for Free in All Resolutions

  • Enter the URL of the YouTube video you want to download the thumbnail for free.
  • Then click on the “Get Thumbnails” button.
  • You will instantly get all the thumbnails, standard to max resolution quality, for your YouTube video link, (if the video owner has uploaded it in YouTube system).

Did not find the quality video thumbnail you were looking for? No worries, check out our tutorial on how to upscale images or YouTube thumbnails for free or follow the steps given below.

Upscale YouTube Thumbnail’s Quality for Free

How to Increase YouTube Thumbnail Quality for Free

Follow the below steps to upscale your recently grabbed YouTube thumbnail’s quality by 2x for free.

  • Open this link in new tab
  • Click on the big orange button “Upload Photo
  • Now wait for few seconds as the system starts upscaling your YouTube thumbnail image by 2x
  • Now click on Save to download your upscaled YouTube video thumbnail for free.

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YouTube Thumbnails Resolutions List | YouTube Thumbnail Grabber

  • Max Quality YouTube Thumbnail Resolution: 1280 X 720.
  • Standard Quality YouTube Thumbnail Resolution: 640X480
  • HD Quality YouTube Thumbnail Resolution: 480X360
  • Medium Quality YouTube Thumbnail Resolution: 320X180
  • Default Quality YouTube Thumbnail Resolution: 120X90

Why choose our YouTube Thumbnail Downloader?

  • Fast and efficient: Download thumbnails in a blink, without wasting any time.
  • Upscaling Option: Convert low quality YouTube thumbnails to HD thumbnails.
  • No more blurry thumbnails: We extract the highest resolution available, ensuring your visuals look their best.
  • Free and secure: Enjoy unlimited downloads at zero cost, and rest assured your data is always safe with us.
  • Incredibly easy: Even a tech novice can use this tool with ease. Just 1 click, and you’re ready to downloads ultra high quality youtube thumbanails!
  • Loved by creators: Join thousands of satisfied users who rely on our tool for their visual needs.

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Download Thumbnail From YouTube with image upscaling feature

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