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Unlock Visibility: Free AI Instagram Hashtag Generator for Optimal Reach’s Free Ai Instagram Hashtag Generator is a powerful tool to boost your social media presence. By using trending hashtags, it attracts more impressions, enhancing post visibility. Branded hashtags not only increase views but also connect you with customers, fostering brand reputation. The generator, backed by AI research, provides relevant hashtags effortlessly, boosting organic engagement with more traffic, likes, and followers.

Available on iOS and Android, it has gained trust with over 20 million hashtags generated by users worldwide. Ajnabi Lahiri’s success story highlights its impact, and the Ladder Strategy guides users in selecting the right mix of hashtags for optimal ranking. FAQs address common concerns, emphasizing the importance of well-thought-out hashtag strategies and debunking the myth of Instagram shadowbanning.

Stay ahead of the Instagram game with’s hashtag generator, your key to unlocking the full potential of hashtags.

How to use the Free Ai Instagram Hashtag Generator by

  1. Go to’s free hashtag generator page here
  2. Enter your targeted “keyword” into the input box.
  3. Click on the blue Generate Hashtags button.
  4. Now, you will see the most searched hashtags sorted by relevacny along with search volume for each hashtag
  5. You can also sort them by reach by clicking on the Reach option at the top.

Decoding the Ladder Strategy: A Tactical Approach to Optimizing Hashtag Selection for Maximum Ranking

The Ladder Strategy is an efficient approach to selecting hashtags for optimal ranking on Instagram. It involves categorizing hashtags into different sizes based on the number of posts associated with them. The strategy suggests:

  1. Smaller Hashtags (Easy to Rank): Choose 8-10 hashtags with around 50k-100k posts, providing a fair and easy chance to reach a considerable audience.
  2. Medium-Sized Hashtags (Average to Rank): Opt for 8-10 hashtags with posts ranging from 100k to 500k. As momentum builds from the smaller hashtags, ranking on these becomes more achievable.
  3. Large Size Hashtags (Hard to Rank): Include 3-4 hashtags with 500k to a million posts. These larger hashtags present a challenge, requiring efforts to displace existing posts and secure a top slot.
  4. Mega Hashtags (Very Difficult to Rank): Limit the use of 3-4 hashtags with over a million posts. While ranking here is challenging, using a few strategically can contribute to the potential of going viral.

The Ladder Strategy provides a systematic way for users to diversify their hashtag usage, optimizing the chances of reaching various audience sizes and improving overall post ranking.

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