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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Remove My AI from Snapchat with Pictures

How to Remove My AI from Snapchat with Pictures

Let’s face it, Snapchat’s “My AI” feature can be…intriguing at first. But after the novelty wears off, you might find yourself craving some good old-fashioned human interaction (or just want to reclaim your chat feed from its AI takeover). Worry not, fellow Snapchatter! This guide will show you exactly how to get rid of my ai on snapchat in just a few simple steps.

How to Remove My AI from Snapchat

Kindly be aware that currently, only subscribers of Snapchat+ have the ability to unpin or remove My AI. Subscribing to Snapchat+ grants users access to a range of enhanced and new features within the Snapchat platform.


  • Snapchat app (duh)
  • Snapchat Plus subscription (unfortunately, My AI comes with the Plus package)
  • Access to your thumbs (or a stylus, if you’re fancy)

How to unpin or get rid of My AI from Snapchat+ Tutorial With Pictures

  1. Click on the Profile Icon in the top left corner
  2. Tap the Snapchat+ banner
  3. Scroll all the way down
  4. Toggle ‘My AI’ from ‘Pinned’ to ‘Unpinned’
step 1 Click on the Profile Icon in the top left corner
step 1: click on the Profile Icon in the top left corner
step 2 Tap the Snapchat+ banner
step 2: Tap the Snapchat+ banner
step 3 Scroll all the way down
step 3 Scroll all the way down
step 4 Toggle ‘My AI’ from ‘Pinned’ to ‘Unpinned’
step 4 Toggle ‘My AI’ from ‘Pinned’ to ‘Unpinned’

How to remove My AI from SnapChat+ Chat Feed

  1. Swipe right from the Camera screen to Chat
  2. Press and hold on My AI
  3. Tap ‘Chat Settings’
  4. Tap ‘Clear from Chat Feed’

More Methods About How to Clear Data from Snapchat

Method 1: How to get my ai off snapchat

  1. Navigate to your Chat Feed: Swipe right from the camera screen or tap the chat icon in the bottom bar.
  2. Locate My AI: Look for the My AI tile with its friendly (or perhaps unsettling) AI avatar.
  3. Press and Hold: Give My AI’s tile a firm but loving long press.
  4. Banish the Bot: Choose “Chat Settings” from the pop-up menu. Boom! You’re in.
  5. Hit the Delete Button: Tap the sweet, sweet “Clear from Chat Feed” option. My AI will vanish faster than a ghost after dawn.

Method 2: How do i delete my ai on snapchat

  1. Access your Bitmoji Profile: Tap your Bitmoji avatar in the top left corner of the Chat Feed.
  2. Settings Gear: Find the cogwheel icon and tap it like you mean it.
  3. Privacy Control Panel: Dive into the depths of “Privacy Controls.”
  4. Clear Data Cleanse: Select “Clear Data” and brace yourself for some digital spring cleaning.
  5. Conversation Cull: Choose “Clear Conversations” from the options.
  6. Hunt the AI Down: Scroll through the list of chats and find My AI.
  7. X Marks the Spot: Tap the little “X” next to My AI’s name. And poof, gone like a Snapchat filter before your eyes.

Bonus Tip: Let Snapchat know you’re not feeling the AI love. Head to your Bitmoji profile again, then Settings > Support > Send Feedback. Share your thoughts (politely, of course) about wanting a way to permanently disable My AI. Who knows, maybe enough voices will lead to a change!

So there you have it, freedom from the clutches of My AI! You can now reclaim your Snapchat chat feed and bask in the glory of unfiltered human interaction (or just enjoy the peace and quiet). Remember, the power is in your thumbs (or stylus). Now go forth and chat on, Snapchat free!

Disclaimer: These methods were accurate as of December 17, 2023. Snapchat occasionally updates its features, so if the steps don’t work exactly as described, don’t despair! Just tap around and explore the settings – you’ll find your way to delete My AI eventually.

Happy Snapping!

What is snapchat my ai?

Snapchat My AI, currently available to Snapchat Plus subscribers, is an experimental chatbot feature that aims to learn your preferences and initiate conversations. It can:

Answer your questions: Ask My AI anything, from factual questions to fun facts. It will receive and process the world’s information to give you answers.

Recommends things: My AI can suggest places to visit, things to do, or even news based on your interests and location. Chat openly: Chat with My AI! He can chat easily, make jokes, and even tell you stories.

Personalize your experience: You can call My AI and design a Bitmoji avatar to personalize your interactions. However, My AI received mixed responses:

Pros: Some users find him pleasant and helpful, enjoying his ability to answer questions, support things, and provide companionship.
Cons: Others cite concerns about privacy, misinformation, and the impact on social media.

Here are some other points to consider realted to ‘what is my ai on snapchat’:

My AI is still developing, so its capabilities and responses may vary.
It uses data on your Snapchat location to tailor its responses, which raises privacy concerns for some users. My AI can be removed from your chat list if you no longer wish to interact with it.

Ultimately, whether you accept or avoid My AI is a personal decision. I hope this information will help you understand what it is and decide if it is right for you!

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