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9 Free AI Productivity Tools For Phone

9 Free AI Productivity Tools For Phone

Ready to turbocharge your phone productivity without spending a penny? We’ve got the scoop on nine awesome AI productivity tools for phone that are totally free. From sorting out your to-do list to making everyday tasks a piece of cake, these apps are all about boosting your productivity. So, let’s jump in and explore how these tools can transform the way you work, all without costing you a dime! 🚀

List of AI Productivity Tools For Phone

Here are 9 ways to use AI on your phone (for FREE).

1. Poe: Fast AI chat, with GPT-4, Claude 2, PaLM 2, DALL-E 3, SDXL and more.

Poe is a platform that allows users to ask questions, receive instant answers, and engage in conversations with various AI bots. Available on iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and web, Poe uses AI models from different sources, including GPT-4, gpt-3.5-turbo, Claude from Anthropic, and more. It aims to explore the potential of new AI models and encourages users to try it out.

While not perfect, Poe’s features aim to be helpful, with ongoing efforts to address any issues. Users can access Poe on different platforms and provide feedback through various channels like Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Threads, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Poe Latest News & Updates @poe_platform

2. Otter: Put your meetings on OtterPilot

Otter is a game-changing tool that records audio, takes real-time notes, captures action items, and delivers live summaries., based in Mountain View, California, offers AI-powered voice meeting notes. The platform, established in February 2018, introduces new productivity features in 2024, including Otter Chat AI insights, automated live meeting notes, live summaries, and Slack integration. Users report time savings and find it beneficial for tasks like software development. Additionally, a recent AI at Work Report indicates that nearly 75% of managers recommend AI tools, with 86% of professionals expecting changes in their work due to AI by 2024.

Otter Ai Latest News & Updates @otter_ai

3. Notion: Work easier. Write sharper. Think deeper.

Notion is a versatile tool that allows you to centralize knowledge, manage projects efficiently, and create beautiful notes and documents. Users praise its simplicity, power, and the ability to ask anything for quick answers. The dynamic community around Notion is highlighted, with users appreciating its continuous improvement and collaborative features.

Notion Latest News & Updates @NotionHQ

4. Perplexity AI

The ultimate chat-based response platform and study buddy, always ready for a conversation! is a technology company based in San Francisco that offers the world’s first conversational answer engine and research companion. Their app, available on iOS and Android, aims to unlock curiosity by providing knowledge and exploring endless possibilities. The company reflects on a transformative 2023, thanking users for their support and offering a free two-month Pro plan as a holiday gift. As they enter 2024, wishes everyone a Happy New Year and encourages users to start the year empowered with knowledge.

Perplexity Latest News & Updates @perplexity_ai

5. ChatGPT

Discover a universe of opportunities with the ChatGPT app, now accessible on both IOS and Android.

It needs no introduction.

ChatGPT Latest News & Updates @ChatGPTapp

6. Bing

Free GPT-4 web assistant – Image search & DALLE-3 generation

It needs no introduction.

Bing Latest News & Updates @bing

7. Character AI

Character AI is an advanced chatbot that helps you create AI characters and scenarios. It’s great for writers, role-players, and creative minds.

Character.AI is a new product featuring deep learning models designed for conversation. It utilizes neural language models trained to predict words in various situations. The service is free, but users should be cautious as characters can provide entertaining yet fictional responses. Users are encouraged to engage with and provide feedback on characters to enhance the overall product. Detailed information on character creation can be found in the Character Book.

Character AI Latest News & Updates @character_ai

8. Grammarly

Instantly create perfect writing with the Grammarly Keyboard. Receive immediate writing suggestions and AI help directly in your apps.

Grammarly offers personalized AI writing assistance, helping users generate clear and compelling content while preserving their unique voice. Trusted by 70,000 teams, Grammarly Business aids in cutting routine work costs with enterprise-grade security and a reported average ROI of 17x. The tool works seamlessly across various platforms, providing suggestions for tone, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and more. From grammar to style and tone, Grammarly ensures comprehensive writing improvement, empowering users to communicate confidently.

Grammarly AI Latest News & Updates @Grammarly

9. Socratic

This app, using Google AI, can assist with high school and college coursework. When you ask Socratic a question, the app will locate the best online resources to help you understand the concepts.

Socratic is an educational app designed for various subjects like Science, Math, Literature, and Social Studies. It provides visual explanations of key concepts with input from teachers, utilizing Google AI for text and speech recognition to offer relevant learning resources. Both teachers and students praise its effectiveness, citing instances where it helped students understand challenging topics and improved math skills, leading to transfers to advanced classes. The app encourages diverse learning materials and teaches students to draw conclusions from multiple sources.

Socratic AI Latest News & Updates @GoogleAI

Final Thoughts

From managing tasks to streamlining communication, these AI-driven apps are here to supercharge your efficiency without costing you a dime. Discover how these tools can transform your smartphone into a productivity powerhouse, helping you stay organized, focused, and on top of your game. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to a more streamlined and productive mobile experience with these cutting-edge AI productivity tools.

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