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Assistive: Mind Blowing Text-To-Video Tool Better Than Midjourney?

Assertive Mind Blowing Text-To-Video Tool Better Than Midjourney

Assistive Video is a generative video platform that turns ideas into videos by typing prompts or uploading photos. It’s in alpha and offers a three-step process: imagine what you want, adjust settings, and watch your creation. 

Assistive Video features:

Video Generation Options:

  • Create videos by typing prompts or uploading images.
  • Currently in alpha testing.

How to Use:

  • Imagine what you want to see and type a prompt or upload an image.
  • Adjust settings such as video quality, consistency, motion, and seed.

Content Variety:

  • Utilize text-to-video feature or upload images from platforms like Midjourney and DALL-E 3.
  • Examples include a bear eating salmon, a white goose in a pond, and various scenes.


  • Text-to-video generations cost two credits, while image-to-video generations cost one credit.
  • Monthly plans with credits are available, and additional credits can be purchased as one-off transactions.

Subscription Plans:

  • Plus: $18.99/mo – Up to 60 text-to-video generations (240 seconds), up to 120 image-to-video generations (480 seconds), unlimited downloads, and access to model updates.
  • Super: $29.99/mo (Coming soon) – Up to 120 text-to-video generations (480 seconds), up to 240 image-to-video generations (960 seconds), unlimited downloads, and access to model updates.

The platform is designed to simplify video creation through text prompts and image uploads, with pricing based on the type and quantity of content generated.

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