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Google Magic Eraser is now using Gen AI

google magic eraser is now using gen ai

Magic Eraser is now using gen AI to add detail when removing objects from images. Google Research developed MaskGIT image transformer for image inpainting and enhanced segmentation to add shadows and objects connected to people.

Removing unwanted objects from photos has never been easier thanks to the Magic Eraser tool. But now, with the integration of gen AI, the Magic Eraser has become even more powerful and efficient.

In this article, we’ll explore the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the Magic Eraser tool and how it enhances the user experience (UX) for photo editing.

The Role of AI in the Magic Eraser Tool

The Magic Eraser tool has been a staple in photo editing software for years. It allows users to easily remove unwanted objects from photos by simply clicking and dragging over the object. The tool then automatically fills in the background, making it look like the object was never there.

But with the integration of gen AI, the Magic Eraser tool now has the ability to fill in the background with more detail and accuracy. This is because gen AI uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the photo and determine what the background should look like.

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