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Here is how to uncrop a photo someone sent you with Ai Tools

how to uncrop a photo someone sent you with Ai Tools

Have you ever received a photo from someone that was cropped in a way that you wished it wasn’t? Maybe you wanted to see more of the beautiful scenery or capture the full group of friends in the picture. Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed way to uncrop a photo someone sent you, as the information discarded during the cropping process is typically lost.

Well, with the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) tools, you can now easily uncrop photos and reveal the hidden details.

In this blog post, we will explore the various AI tools available that can help you uncrop photos effortlessly. Say goodbye to those frustratingly cropped images and get ready to bring back the full picture!

AI Tools to uncrop a photo someone sent you

Online Uncrop Tools

  1. Uncrop by Clipdrop – This revolutionary image editing tool allows you to easily uncrop photos, giving you the flexibility to adjust the composition and create the perfect image.

1. Let’s Enhance – AI-powered online tool for uncropping and enhancing images.

2. LunaPic – Free editor with uncrop feature to extend images up to 4x. –

Photoshop plugins:

1. Boris FX Continuum – Plugin with AI expand function to synthesize image content beyond edges.

Mobile apps:

1. Remini – Uses AI to uncrop/expand profile photos and portraits.

2. Snapseed – Google’s photo editor with expand tool.

AI Services:

1. Anthropic – Research lab’s AI image outpainting API for uncropping.

2. Runway ML – Provides image expanding machine learning models.

Desktop software:

1. Gigapixel AI – Uses AI to enlarge images and fill in edges.

2. On1 Resize AI – Intelligent resizing and uncropping for photos.-

Manual techniques:

1. Content-aware fill in Photoshop.

2. Careful cloning, healing, and compositing.

The best option depends on factors like image use case, quality needs, editing skills, and platform access. But AI advancements are making uncropping more powerful than ever.

The more information you have about the original photo, the more likely you are to be successful. For example, if you know what the photo depicts or where it was taken, this can help AI tools fill in the missing areas more accurately.

Be aware of the limitations of AI tools. These tools are not perfect and may not always produce realistic results.

Don’t expect miracles. If the cropped area is very large or contains important details, it’s unlikely that you will be able to recover them completely. I hope this helps.

Some additional tips:

Here are a few tips for uncropping a photo that someone else has sent you:

  • Check if the sender has the original: The best option is to simply ask the sender if they still have the original, uncropped photo. They might be able to share it with you, especially if it was a recent crop.
  • Look for alternative versions: If the photo was shared on a platform like social media, there might be other versions available. For example, some platforms automatically generate different sizes or thumbnails of the original image. You could see if any of these versions include the cropped area.
  • Reverse image search – Use Google Images or TinEye reverse image search to try finding the same photo published elsewhere uncropped.
  • Uncrop manually – If you have editing skills, carefully try to reconstruct and expand the background using content-aware filling in Photoshop.
  • Match aesthetics – Manually expand the canvas size to uncrop and use photo manipulation to match aesthetics, lighting, tone etc.
  • AI photo enhancers – Apps like Remini use AI to enlarge/uncrop profiles in photos by small amounts. May work for slight uncropping.- Accept the crop
  • Seek alternatives – Ask if the sender has any other similar uncropped photos that would serve the purpose.

If it’s not critical, consider accepting the photo as is rather than uncropping without permission.

The best approach depends on having the appropriate permissions and a shared understanding of the context. Leverage AI where possible for quality uncropped results.

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